Thoughtfully crafted Learning Design that changes employee behavior.

Augmented Reality for L&D
This course explores Augmented Reality. What is it? And how can Learning & Development professionals leverage it?
Ditch the Dump!
This course reviews Merrill's First Principles of Instruction and explains why "Information Dumps + Knowledge Tests" don't equal impactful learning.
HOT or NOT Learning Game
This game was created to teach sales associates the correct type of discovery questions to ask customers.
How to Talk to Tweens About Porn
This online course uses storytelling and scenario-based learning to help parents navigate how to have difficult conversations with their tween about pornography.
Graphic Types in Learning Design
This quick lesson explores the different graphic types used in Learning Design that should be planned, along with text, to maximize learning.
Microsoft Dynamics AX Software Training
Nektar Design can help with your software training needs by creating step-by-step videos and interactive online courses.
Why use Game Based Learning?
In this video I explore why teaching with games — or using gamification in your courses — is a very effective instructional approach.
Virtual Training Tips
Tips on how to use online training and virtual coaching in your business.
Bartering and Commodity Money
This is a short video lesson geared towards 5-10 year-olds that discusses the origins of money and was crafted using Keller's ARCS model of motivation.
Exploring Motivational Frameworks
In this video we discuss Flow State, Self-Determination Theory and the ARCS Model of Motivation. How are they different? How are they alike?
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